Russian Standard Enters RTD Category with Moscow Mule

The global brand Russian Standard Vodka has announced the national launch of its vodka-based ready-to-drink Moscow Mule.

Made with natural flavors and at 8% ABV, the Russian Standard Moscow Mule is sold in 12-oz. copper-colored cans that are reminiscent of the copper mug in which the Moscow Mule is traditionally served.

The product has already been test-marketed in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Florida.

“Our Moscow Mule is nicely aligned with current consumer trends,” says Kellyann MacLean, director of marketing for Roust USA. “Consumers are looking for convenience, higher ABV, and the use of natural flavors — all of which our product offers. In our test markets, the product has been met with great enthusiasm from the trade and consumers alike who are loving the taste and the packaging.”

The product will be rolled out nationally beginning Q1 2019 in both the off-premise and on-premise.


It currently is sold as a 4-pack but may also be available as single cans in the near future.


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