Ballyhoo Port-Finished Irish Whiskey

The Irish whiskey brand Ballyhoo, from The Connacht Whiskey Company, has released a 4-year-old port-finished expression.

Ballyhoo is a sourced grain whiskey with a mash bill of 93% corn and 7% malted barley. It’s 43% ABV, and finished in port barrels for between three and six months at Connacht Distillery on Ireland’s west coast.

The nose has vanilla and almond mixing with warming spice and sweetness, the company says. The palate follows with notes of vanilla with hints of spice and wood from the bourbon casks, while the additional port finishing softens and sweetens the whiskey.


Connacht’s own single malt Irish whiskey has now been aging onsite at the distillery in western Ireland for nearly three years, with news on its release coming later in 2019.

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey is currently available in NY, NJ, PA, MD, DC, DE, MA, WI, WA, ID, UT, OR, CA, FL and IL.


The suggested retail price is $29.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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