Moskovskaya Vodka Infusions

The Russian vodka brand Moskovskaya has released a new line of Russian-themed vodka infusions.

The four Moskovskaya Infusion alternatives are Horseradish and Honey, Pickle and Dill, Ginger and Lime, and Cranberry and Lime.

“Moskovskaya is one of the oldest Russian vodka brands, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t change with time,” says Renatas Alekna, global brand director of Moskovskaya Vodka. “Even when developing something new, Moskovskaya stays loyal to the Russian heritage and traditions. The market is changing, consumer habits are changing, and we are bringing a new twist that builds on old vodka and infusion-making traditions and enriches them with East European botanicals and spices.”

Historically, Russians drank vodka together with, as they call it, zakuska (закуска – Russian), a small snack eaten or drank after a shot of vodka – a pickle, a slice of dark bread and lard, so that was the inspiration for Pickle and Dill infusion. Horseradish is widely used in East Europe next to the fat meat dishes. Cranberries are probably the most common complement to vodka, while ginger is becoming more and more popular in today’s cuisine and as an ingredient in beverages.

New infusions will be bottled at 32% ABV in 0.5-liter bottles.


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