10 Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is here, and it’s time to celebrate with agave-based spirits, festive cocktails and Mexican beer.

Cinco de Mayo—which is not Mexican Independence Day; it’s the day the Mexican army defeated the French in a battle at Puebla—is now a huge holiday in the U.S. Here are 10 recipes for Cinco-themed cocktails.

Catrina Cocktail

(shown atop)
1 oz. Clase Azul mezcal 
½ oz. Peach schnapps
2 oz. Fresh tangerine juice
½ oz. Agave honey

Mix all of the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Finish with a twist of tangerine peel.

The mixologists at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort in Los Cabos, created this recipe.

Mexican Bishop
Mexican Bishop

Mexican Bishop

1 ½ oz. Casa Pacific Reposado tequila
½ oz. Amontillado sherry
½ oz. Lime
1 oz. Pineapple
¾ oz. Pink peppercorn coriander syrup
2 Droppers Mahalo bitters

Add all ingredients and long shake. Dump into glass and garnish with pineapple frond and 6 drops of Mahalo bitters.

Akash Kapoor, founder/owner of Mortar & Pestle Bar (San Jose and San Mateo, CA) created this recipe.

Spicy Cilantro Mezcal
Spicy Cilantro Mezcal

The Spicy Cilantro Mezcal

2 oz. Sacrvm mezcal
¾ oz. Agave syrup
½ oz. Rosemary clorofila juice                                                                 
1 oz. Fresh lime juice

Combine ingredients and shake. Pour into coup glass rimmed with spicy cricket and jalapeño salt and garnish with fresh orange, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño and green apple.

The mixologists at Casa Tua Cucina at Miami’s Saks Brickell City Centre created this recipe.

Ginger Mint Margarita
Ginger Mint Margarita

Ginger Mint Margarita

1 oz. Cointreau
2 oz. Blanco tequila
¾ oz. Fresh lime juice
2 slices Fresh ginger root
5 Mint leaves

Muddle the ginger and mint in the bottom of a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients with ice and shake. Fine strain over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a mint sprig.

The mixologists at Cointreau created this recipe.

Jalapenyo Lavender
Jalapeñ-yo Lavender

Jalapeñ-yo Lavender Cocktail

2 oz. Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila
1 oz. Lavender syrup
¾ oz. Fresh lime juice

Combine ingredients and shake. Pour into coup glass rimmed with Tanteo Jalapeño Salt and garnish with candied lavender.

The mixologists at Tanteo created this recipe.

Spicy Senorita
Spicy Senorita

Spicy Senorita

1 oz. Espolon Silver tequila
¼ oz. Vida Mezcal
¾ oz. Ohio apple cider
¾ oz. Lime juice
¾ oz. Chili-infused simple syrup

Shake all ingredients. Double strain over ice in a chili-salt-rimmed rocks glass. Garnish with a single Thai red pepper.

The mixologists at VASO, the rooftop restaurant and bar at the AC Hotel Columbus Dublin, in Dublin, OH, created this recipe.

Maple Old Fashioned
Maple Old Fashioned

2 parts Hornitos Black Barrel tequila
¼ part Maple syrup
4 dashes Angostura bitters
Orange peel
Cinnamon stick

Maple Old Fashioned

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and stir. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with an orange peel and a cinnamon stick.

The mixologists at Hornitos created this recipe.

The Silent Garden
The Silent Garden

The Silent Garden

2 oz. El Silencio Espadin mezcal
1 oz. Roasted bell pepper juice
¾ oz. Five-herb agave syrup (agave infused with garden herbs of your choice)
¾ oz. Lemon juice

Combine all ingredients and strain into desired cup.

Mixologist Malina Bickford created this recipe for Disco Dining Club


The Original Mangonada

1 oz. Herradura Double-Barrel Reposado tequila
1 oz. Jimador Anejo tequila
1 oz. Patron Citronge liqueur
4 oz. Mango puree
4 pcs. Cantaloupe, fresh cut, ¾-in. diced
1 oz. Lime juice
2 oz. Simple syrup

Add ingredients to blender. Add 1 scoop of ice. Blend until smooth. Rim with chile chamoy. Garnish with an orange slice and chamoy stick.

The mixologists at La Gloria in San Antonio, TX, created this recipe.

El Tapatio
El Tapatio

El Tapatio

2 oz. Codigo 1530 Blanco tequila
1 oz. Homemade purée mix (cilantro, jalapeño, cucumber)
½ oz. Lime juice
½ oz. Cointreau 
½ oz. Simple syrup

Combine ingredients and shake. Pour into rocks glass rimmed half with chili salt (serrano, chile de arbol, guajillo); half with citrus salt (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit), and 2 jalapeño wheels.

The mixologists at Bar Hugo in New York’s Hotel Hugo created this recipe.

Melissa Dowling is editor of our on-premise sister publication, Cheers magazine. Reach her at mdowling@epgmediallc.com. Read her recent piece 7 Bartending Pros Pick Their ‘Must Have’ Rums.


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