Ironstone Vineyards Canned Wines

Ironstone Vineyards, a family owned-and-operated winery in California’s Lodi and Sierra Foothills appellations, has rolled out its Obsession Symphony White and Red Blend wines, plus the winery’s first rosé, in cans.

Available in mid-June, 2019, Obsession Cans are 375-ml. and have a slightly “retro” feel, the company says.

“Though Obsession Symphony and Red Blend are wines that have received numerous 90+ ratings, they also have a playful image that we believe is well-suited to active and fun occasions when consumers will be looking for wine in cans.” says Joan Kautz, who owns the winery along with her brothers and her parents. “We would only explore cans if we could ‘raise the level of the can experience’ with high quality wine inside, both to satisfy our current Obsession fans and to encourage those trying Obsession wines for the first time via cans to become repeat customers of both the cans and bottles.”


In an effort to visibly demonstrate the winery’s commitment to quality, Obsession Cans are ‘vintage dated” on the bottom, with the date they were filled.

“We’re expressing our confidence that there is freshness and quality in the can, so much so that once the novelty of buying wine in cans wears off, consumers will continue to purchase these wines because they are consistently great-tasting,” Kautz explains.


Obsession Rosé is an effervescent, off-dry blend of pinot grigio and white zinfandel, the company reports, with aromas of strawberries and flavors of pomegranates and citrus.

“We think the fresh, fruit-filled taste of our Rosé, with its crisp finish, is ideal for cans,” Kautz explains. “The wine’s flavor and style also make it a great fit with the Obsession aesthetic.”

The graphics on the cans are reminiscent of 1970’s “circle” designs.

Obsession Cans have a suggested retail price of $6.99 each. For more information, contact either Quintessential Wines or Ironstone Vineyards.


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