Crater Lake Reserve Dry Gin

Bendistillery, creator of Bend Oregon-based Crater Lake Spirits, has added a new gin to its lineup: Crater Lake Reserve Gin.

Distilled using central Oregon juniper berries, coriander, Seville orange peel (bitter orange), glazed orange peel (sweet orange) and grapefruit, Crater Lake Spirits was inspired to create a gin that was different from the flagship American variety, the company states.

Crater Lake Reserve is distilled from corn and is filtered 50 times through charcoal and crushed red lava rock. This extensive filtration leaves a creamy, soft mouth feel, the company says. “This is a new wave style spirit, with bright, almost floral aspects in combination with sweet orange peel and defined grapefruit flavors.”


Crater Lake Reserve Gin is 90 proof, gluten free and kosher.



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