Yuengling Releases Retro Cans in Celebrating 190th Anniversary

To mark its 190th anniversary, Yuengling will launch a new set of retro-styled cans and packaging of regional favorites Premium, Premium light and Lord Chesterfield Ale, one of the oldest continuously brewed beers in America.

Lord Chesterfield has been around for 190 years. It’s one of Yuengling’s original creations. The full-body beer is referred to as “Chetty” by those in Pennsylvania. The new can design pays homage to this local nickname.

Another Pennsylvania favorite, the Premium and Premium Light cans/packaging harken back to Yuengling’s 190-year history. It’s a new look for a classic pilsner-style brew from Yuengling’s portfolio.


This new packaging is part of the many happenings Yuengling is doing to celebrate its 190th anniversary. Next up is Yuengling’s free summer concert, with headlining alt-rock band Better Than Ezra, on July 13. The city of Pottsville is expecting record-breaking crowds, so fans are encouraged to arrive early for a day full of great times. For more info, see here.


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