J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine 2017

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines has announce the inaugural release of the 2017 J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine, which will begin shipping in July and is set to debut in select states this August.

The new J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine pays tribute to J. Lohr’s history of sustainable grape growing and winemaking in Paso Robles, the company says, by showcasing the winery’s most popular varietal, cabernet sauvignon, in a blend with petite sirah.

The J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine will enter national markets at a suggested retail price of $26.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

J. Lohr planted its first estate vineyards in Paso Robles in 1986. Today, the company’s estate program includes more than 2,600 acres in Paso Robles, with over 2,100 acres of cabernet sauvignon and 115 acres of petite sirah. The cabernet sauvignon for the 2017 J. Lohr Pure Paso comes primarily from J. Lohr’s 266-acre Shotwell Vineyard in the El Pomar District of Paso Robles, with the petite sirah sourced from J. Lohr’s Home Ranch in the warmer Paso Robles Estrella District.

“To create the ideal sensory balance between the two core varieties, we harvest the petite sirah from the warmer Region III climate of the Paso Robles Estrella District, where it develops beautiful jammy dark berry notes,” explains J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines Director of Winemaking Steve Peck. “The cabernet sauvignon grows in the slightly cooler Region II climate of the El Pomar District, which provides sophisticated savory elements. In the winery, our extraction techniques include whole berry fermentation at elevated temperatures combined with early pressing to accentuate the velvety mouthfeel and supple palate structure that we prize in our Paso Robles reds.”


The 2017 J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine is a 100% vinifera blend, composed primarily of cabernet sauvignon and petite sirah, with small amounts of merlot, petit verdot and malbec.

Pure Paso aged for 18 months in barrel, with 20% new oak overall.


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