Copper & Kings American Apple Brandy

Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. has extended its apple brandy lineup with a new 92-proof iteration, aged in Kentucky bourbon and new American white oak barrels.

Copper & Kings American Apple Brandy is distilled from apple wine fermented from fresh-pressed apple juice in Vendome American copper pot stills. The apple brandy is unadulterated with boisé (oak flavor or infusion), and has no added apple flavors or essences. The spirit is non-chill filtered.

Copper & Kings American Apple Brandy is the second permanent apple brandy in the Copper & Kings stable, joining the 100-proof Floodwall.


“This is a very clean, fresh expression,” says Master Distiller Brandon O’Daniel. “It has a beautiful natural apple nose and is nicely structured with a good backbone. It’s an easy drinker, even at 92 proof, and works just great in a highball, a classic cocktail or simply on the rocks. It’s very, very versatile. Right now, it’s what I am drinking at home. The finish is velvety smooth, some nice barrel body, it’s a really great example of American apple brandy.”

Copper & Kings American Apple Brandy is available across the company’s national footprint (and at the distillery) for a suggested retail price of $35 per 750-ml. bottle.


“We want American Apple Brandy to be an obvious sibling to our American Craft (grape) brandy, so they live easily side by side as part of the same family,” says Copper & Kings Creative Director Ron Jasin. “A good analogy is bourbon and rye whiskey – apple brandy is the ‘rye whiskey’ to grape brandy. It’s a natural progression.”


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