Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac

Alexandre Gabriel and Maison Ferrand have introduced Ferrand 10 Generations Cognac.

10 Generations is a Grande Champagne Cognac made from a single variety of grape, the Ugni Blanc. This cognac is distilled slowly on lees in 25-hectoliter pot stills. The presence of lees enables the production of a richer aromatic palate, the company says, and adds complexity to the floral and fruity base of the Ugni Blanc grape. It is then aged in French oak casks, of which 20% are Sauternes barrels, in humid cellars. The latter contributes complementary honeyed and vinous notes, the company reports.

This Premier Cru de Cognac is a tribute to 10 generations behind this Cognac house.


Bottled at 46% ABV to acknowledge its origins as a Premier Cru de Cognac, Ferrand 10 Generations has a nose of a fruity gingerbread, raisin, apricot, coconut and caramel, the company reports. It then develops notes of rose, orange blossom, nutmeg and ginger. The palate at first is a bit oaky and peppery, before notes of baked pear, honey, muscat grape, pineapple and cloves, the company says. The finish features minty notes but also has fruity notes of prune, mango, orange, licorice, vanilla and fresh tobacco.

Ferrand 10 Generations will be available nationwide in the U.S. as of November 2019, for a suggested retail price of $60 per 750-ml. bottle.



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