Sufferfest Head Start Stout

Sufferfest Beer Company has introduced their first stout, Head Start, along with a variety pack that includes Repeat, FKT (Fastest Known Time) and Head Start.

Sufferfest was acquired earlier this year by Sierra Nevada Brewery, and has national distribution. Inspired by athletes and the active lifestyle, the brewery specializes in lower-calorie beers, and is a certified B Corporation, dedicated to practicing environmental sustainability.

Head Start is low-cal for its style at 135 calories. It’s a sessionable stout at 4.5% ABV. The recipe incorporates coconut water, a touch of coconut milk and sustainably sourced coffee beans from the fellow B Corp and woman-founded business, Equator Coffee.


Similar to all other Sufferfest flavors, Head Start has been made to remove gluten.

Available in select cities nationwide, the Sufferfest Variety Pack includes two cans of Head Start stout as well as FKT pale ale and Repeat Kolsch.


FKT Pale Ale is brewed with black currant and salt. Repeat Kolsch weighs in at 95 calories and 5 grams of carbs. This Kolsch has been brewed with added bee pollen, giving even more flavor to this lighter beer.


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