Bardstown Bourbon Co. Expands Fusion and Discovery Bourbon Series

The Bardstown Bourbon Company, America’s largest new distillery, has released the next two iterations of its Fusion and Discovery Series bourbon products.

Fusion Series #1 made its debut in April 2019, followed by the launch of Discovery Series #1 in June. Fusion and Discovery Series #2 will now replace these initial releases across the distillery’s national distribution footprint.

Like its predecessor, Fusion Series #2 uses 60% of Bardstown Bourbon Company’s own wheat and high-rye bourbons, blended with a 12-year-old sourced Kentucky bourbon. The recipe, proof and price remain identical to Fusion Series #1, with a mash bill comprised of 18% three-year-old bourbon and 42% two-year-and-10-months-old bourbon. It is 98 proof. The suggested retail price is $59.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

“Bardstown Bourbon has always been about progression and transparency,” says Master Distiller Steve Nally. “Fusion Series #2 delivers the same lively fruit and spice notes of the young bourbon, combined with the long, leathery roasted nut notes of the aged product as before, but with the additional time reflected on the age statement and on the palate.”

The Discovery Series #2 recipe includes three new sourced Kentucky bourbons, with a mash bill of 44% 10-year-old bourbon, 39% 12-year-old bourbon and 17% 14-year-old bourbon. It is 121.21 proof. The suggested retail price is $129.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


“We continue to use the same process of multiple teams collaborating to land on such unique blends. Discovery reflects the diverse background of passionate bourbon experts involved in deriving our products,” explains Chief Operating Officer John Hargrove. “You’ve got some real Kentucky classics making up this blend which delivers some soft notes of oak and leather, with multiple layers of depth and complexity.”

Fusion Series #2 and Discovery Series #2 are available at the distillery and across Bardstown Bourbon Company’s national distribution footprint. Bardstown Bourbon Company’s products are available in Kentucky and Indiana through Republic National Distributing Company; California and Florida through Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits; Nashville and Central Tennessee through Ajax Turner Distributing Company; and Illinois through Momentum Beverage Team. In 2020 Bardstown Bourbon Company will expand its availability to Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Ohio.

In addition to its house brands, Bardstown Bourbon Co. distills spirits for a growing number of independent brands and collaborative projects.


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