Stravecchio Branca Italian Brandy

Branca USA has introduced the Italian brandy Stravecchio to the U.S.

Stravecchio (pronounced ‘Stra-Vech-Key-O,’ meaning extra old) is produced with distillation techniques passed down through five generations of Branca family, the company says. The Fratelli Branca distillery, which encompasses a full city block in Milan, is home to one of the larger single-cask barrels in all of Europe, referred to as botte madre or oak mother barrel, made from Slovenian oak.

To produce Stravecchio Branca, it begins with eau de vie made from trebbiano grapes and aged for one year. First, the eau de vie is aged in oak casks for four-to-five years. Next, it rests inside the botte madre for two to three months, rounding it out with flavors from the historic cask. the company says.


Finally, it is non-chill filtered before being bottled at 40% ABV.

The resulting brandy offers a floral, softly sweet nose, the company says, before a palate with dried fruit, apple and tea flavors, plus soft tannins and notes of almond from the wood. Stravecchio Branca is ideal for sipping neat, over ice and in cocktails including the classic Sidecar and Brandy Alexander.


Available nationwide, the suggested retail price is $39.99 per 1-L.


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