Vegania Vegan-Friendly Wines

Enovation Brands has launched Vegania, a vegan-friendly wine line.

Vegania aligns with the consumer trend to adopt a more wholly plant-based lifestyle, the company says, while answering the frequently asked question, “isn’t all wine vegan?”

Wine drinkers tend to assume that wine automatically qualifies as vegan, since it is made from fermented grape juice, not knowing that the winemaking process often uses animal-derived ingredients which make the wine unsuitable for vegans (and sometimes vegetarians).

Identifying if a wine is vegan is not always easy as wines are not required to list ingredients. Vegania provides a solution to these consumer challenges with its functional brand name and front label communication, which both unmistakably identify the wine as vegan while creating awareness that not all wine is compatible with a vegan lifestyle.

Vegania utilizes no animal-derived ingredients in the winemaking process, replacing them with plant-based options at no compromise to quality and taste, the company says.

“The explosive growth that plant-based cuisine is undergoing provided the perfect platform to create a wine brand,” says Giovanni Pecora, CEO of Enovation Brands. “6.5 million Americans self-identify as vegans, but the opportunity is even bigger as plant-based foods no longer appeal just to vegans and vegetarians.”

The brand offers both white and red offerings: a pinot grigio, and a red blend of frappato and syrah, from Sicily, crafted to complement a wide variety of plant-based cuisine and also be enjoyed on their own. Both varieties are finished with a Stelvin closure and are available nationwide at an SRP of $12.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

For U.S. sales and distribution inquiries, contact 305-466-6880 or


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