Prairie Organic Sparkling Craft Cocktails

This March, Prairie Organic will release its first-ever canned product, Prairie Organic Sparkling Craft Cocktails.

Made with Prairie Organic Vodka and Gin, these ready-to-drink cocktails contain natural organic flavors, the company says, and consist of 120 calories and 5% ABV per can.

These new cans are available in three flavors: Grapefruit, Cucumber Lemonade and Minnesota Bootleg.


The latter, a Prohibition-era cocktail, is made with Prairie Organic gin for a flavor of mint, crisp lime and slight sweetness, the company says. Going back to its Minnesota roots, Prairie Organic developed their own “Bootleg” product – the official cocktail of Minnesota, which originated at a golf club in the state.

Prairie Organic Sparkling Craft Cocktails will roll out in major cities across the country in March, and retail for $12.99 for a four-can pack.



  1. We tried the Grapefruit and Minnesota Bootleg flavors of the new craft cocktail. They are spectacular! I could literally drink the grapefruit flavor everyday!


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