Tattersall Darkness Bierschnapps

The Twin Cities-based craft distillery, Tattersall Distilling, today announced the release of a new, limited-edition spirit.

Tattersall’s Darkness Bierschnapps was made in collaboration with Surly Brewing Co.’s Darkness Russian Imperial Stout. Roughly two bottles of Darkness are distilled in each bottle of Bierschnapps. Consumers can expect notes of chocolate, coffee and toffee designed for easy sipping, the company says.

“This spirit has been a couple of years in the making and we couldn’t be more excited about sharing it with both of our fans,” says Jon Kreidler, founder and chief officer of Tattersall Distilling. “Its incredible working with the crew at Surly and we think people are really going to love how this turned out; we only wish there was more of it to go around.” 


To make Tattersall’s Darkness Bierschnapps, Tattersall distilled nearly 600 gallons of Surly’s 2018 Darkness Russian Imperial Stout, then aged it twice, in both new charred white oak barrels and then again in barrel-aged Darkness barrels. It’s finished with the same sugars the brewers use to create Darkness, rounding out the taste. This spirit is best served neat, over ice, or mixed with brown spirits. 

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Tattersall’s spirit barrels to finish our beers, including previous Darkness variants, and it was great to take our collaboration to the next level with this project,” says Ben Smith, head brewer of Surly Brewing Co. “Darkness is such an intense and unique beer, and it’s quite amazing how the flavors from the beer concentrate in the Bierschnapps for a remarkably smooth and flavorful variant, different from anything we’ve ever done before – yet still distinctly Darkness at the core.”


Tattersall’s Darkness Bierschnapps is now available for $30 per 750-ml. bottles and is 40 proof, or 20% ABV. Only 200 cases (1200 bottles) of this limited edition spirit were produced. It can be purchased at select retailers throughout the Midwest.


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