Founders Brewing Adds Unrivaled IPA to Year-round Lineup

Founders Brewing Co. has announced Unraveled IPA as the newest addition to the brewery’s year-round lineup.

Unraveled IPA is a juicy IPA, dry hopped with traditional hop pellets and lupulin powder, which is a hop product that separates lupulin from the hop flower. Wheat and oats form a backdrop to carry all those hop characteristics, the company says, while the pour is clear.

Unraveled IPA made its debut in the Founders taprooms as “Mucho Lupu” and was released as part of the brewery’s Mothership Series in 2019.


“This is one of my favorite IPAs to come out of the brewery in a while,” says Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki.  “The hop character is aggressive with its citrus and tropical flavors and aromas while the addition of lupulin powder — rather than relying on over dry-hopping with just pellets — helps keep the grassiness in check. It has great balance and is clean, bright and refreshing.”

Unraveled IPA is 6.6% ABV, and will be available in 6-pack cans and on draft in the Grand Rapids taproom on Feb. 11 and in the Detroit taproom on Feb. 18. It will available year-round across the brewery’s 50-state distribution network beginning in mid-February. 


“It’s not often we add a beer to our year-round lineup, so when we do it’s definitely reason to celebrate,” says Founders Co-Founder and President Dave Engbers. “Jeremy wanted to create a juicy IPA that poured clear and he hit the nail on the head with Unraveled IPA. It’s hop aroma and flavor can stand up next to even the juiciest of juicy IPAs, but its clean, crisp finish is unmistakably Founders. Unraveled IPA fits in perfectly alongside Centennial and All Day as yet another fantastic IPA option you can find from Founders.”


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