IZO Mezcal Joven

The newest release from IZO Agave Spirits is their Mezcal Joven.

Founded by Gaston Martinez — a native of Mexico — IZO is a collection of agave spirits, produced sustainably in the heart of rural Durango.

Mezcal Joven (or “oven-cooked agave”) has a suggested retail price of $64.99 per 750-ml. bottle. It is a slightly smoky mezcal, ideal alone or in cocktails. 


“In my family and culture, Mezcal was always a symbol of celebration and the pure enjoyment of life,” says Martinez. “Today, I am proud to share the clean, smooth flavor of this naturally-smoked agave — part of the long-standing heritage of my beloved hometown — with the world.”

Every batch of wild agave is hand-harvested from Durango ranches, slow-roasted in volcanic ovens, then fermented and distilled onsite. The IZO distillery relies on a solar-paneled water treatment system and a bee colony to help propagate the plants, the company says, which are tended for a full decade before reaching maturity.


IZO also pays respect to its point of origin with locally sourced Onyx caps featured atop the bottle.


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