Teeq Tequila

After one year out on the Michigan market, Michigan-based Teeq Tequila is set to expand this year to California and Florida — two of the top tequila consumption states.

Teeq Tequila released two tequila expressions in 2018 on the Michigan market. One was Teeq Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila, a coconut lime blanco. The other was Teeq Reposado Tequila, aged eight months in second-generation Tennessee whiskey barrels.

Early in 2019, Teeq Tequila released their third in their portfolio, Teeq Blanco Tequila.


Teeq Tequila was created by the husband-and-wife duo Don and Nayana Ferguson, and their business partner Michael Rowoldt. Teeq Tequila has been ordered by over 370 locations, the company says, nearing 1000 case depletions in 16 months.

Teeq Tequila is made from Blue Weber Agave plant, harvested at seven years, using both the Highland and Lowland Agaves. While Teeq Tequila is a Michigan brand, to be considered 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila, everything must be produced and bottled in Mexico. Thus, Teeq Tequila has partnered with a distillery in Mexico, Destiladora del Valle de Tequila, NOM 1438.



  1. I would really like to try this tequila as well as support this brand, but I can not find in Maryland!!! Please help !!!


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