F&R Distilling Releases TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof

The makers of TX Whiskey and TX Bourbon have announced the launch of TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof, their newest product that officially hits shelves on March 13, 2020.

TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof is the flagship bourbon straight from the barrel — uncut and unfiltered.

Each batch of TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof carries a bottling date, noting the month and year that the barrels were harvested. No two batches of the product will be identical, as the precise time determines the bourbon’s age, proof and flavor.

Every bottle will include a handwritten label to encapsulate that specific batch’s story.

“Our Barrel Proof Bourbon is uncut and unfiltered, meaning you can taste the bourbon just as if you were sampling it straight from the barrel. Based on preference, customers can decide if they want to add any water to dilute its strength,” says Master Distiller Rob Arnold. “You really can find your own sweet spot with Barrel Proof Bourbon.”


The team at TX believes in whiskey terroir and how an ingredient’s location can impact the flavors of bourbon. Whiskey scientists behind the TX spirits work with local farmers to explore flavors by experimenting with corn variations. Many of those experimental endeavors are in TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof.

The TX team also works with a wild strain of Texas yeast.

TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof is not diluted with water or run through a chill filtration before bottling.


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