Kástra Elión Vodka

Kástra Elión is a new vodka, LA-based, and distilled from olives found in the Nafpaktos region of Greece. This creates a flavor profile with notes of ripe olives refined with peppery undertones and a buttery finish, the company says.

Once the olives have been picked, they are blended with a mix of grains, later mixed with spring water from the Crystalline Rock in Mount Taygetus (the highest peak in Southern Greece). After a 30-day resting period allowing the vodka to further smoothen, it is bottled.

The name Kástra Elión comes from the Greek words for castle (​kastro)​ and olives (elión​, derivative of ​eliás​).

The suggested retail price is $54.99-$59.99 per 750-ml. bottle.




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