Tattersall Distilling Salty Dog

Tattersall Distilling announced today the launch of its bottled Salty Dog, in time for summer. On shelves today, Tattersall’s newest product distills real grapefruit peel, ginger and juniper with Tattersall vodka, before blending in fresh grapefruit juice and salt for a bright and tart spirit, the company says.

“The Salty Dog is a famous cocktail dating back to the 1950s that traditionally consists of vodka and grapefruit juice served over the rocks with a salted rim,” says Dan Oskey, founder and chief operator of Tattersall Distilling. “We serve a more complex version in our cocktail room that our customers love. Now we’ll have the chance to share it with even more people across the country and we can’t wait to see how they mix it up.”

Doubling down on grapefruit by both distilling it and blending in real juice, Salty Dog packs a citrus punch at 35% ABV or 70 proof, the company says. ​Salty Dog is best served with sparkling water on the rocks or flavored soda in a one-to-one ratio. ​Those seeking other cocktails are encouraged to experiment by shaking it up with and other base spirits and mixers.


Salty Dog will be sold for $29.99 in 750-ml bottles.​ This is Tattersall Distilling’s third ready-to-drink cocktail, joining Bootlegger and Old Fashioned at bars, restaurants, and on liquor store shelves across the country.



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