Sazerac Starts Producing Hand Sanitizer On an Industrial Scale

The Sazerac Company, the largest producer of distilled spirits in North America, has joined the ranks of distilling companies now mass-producing hand sanitizer.

The initial run of sanitizer started Friday, March 27, at Buffalo Trace Distillery

The company says it has started making hand sanitizer for some of the world’s largest organizations in the healthcare, government, military, retail, distribution, airline, pharmacy and banking industries.

“We have seen the great need for hand sanitizer from industries across the board — many of these organizations are desperate, as supplies have dwindled,” says Matt Maimone, Sazerac’s COO. “We are adding production capacity to cope with the massive industrial demand. We have received requests to date for over five million bottles of sanitizer, which we are prepared to meet, and possibly more, across our sites in North America.”          


The initial run of sanitizer started Friday, March 27, at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Franklin County, KY. Sazerac’s other plants across the country are gearing up to produce as well.

“A very well deserved shout-out to goes to our workforce who have stepped up to meet this significant challenge in addition to continuing to produce many of the world’s best whiskeys and spirits,” adds Maimone. “Their desire to contribute to helping those in need has been inspiring and very much appreciated.”



  1. Matt, we have been installing simular equipment at a Vijon facility in Smyrna, TN. They own the Germex line. The facility in St. Louis was so overwhelmed that we’ve had eight men working round the clock to get this new operation on line. I’m offering our services. Mike Grissom. Dixie Concepts. 931-580-9713


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