Round Barn Winery Raspberry Lemonade

Round Barn Winery has announced its newest addition, Raspberry Lemonade, to the company’s Flavor Trip Series. These are sparkling wine beverages.

Round Barn Winery Raspberry Lemonade is 5% ABV. It contains no artificial colors or flavors, and no high-fructose corn syrup. This beverage is a blend of natural raspberry and lemon fruit concentrates, plus grape wine from the winery’s vineyards.

Raspberry Lemonade joins Sangria, Cherry Spritzer, Crantini and Peach Bellini flavors in the canned series.



  1. I am looking for this cocktail, my Local grocery store had one! i bought it and loved it however there were no more to be found…. looked all over the store. nothing…. I think a distributor left it by mistake.
    I would love to purchase a case…. not exactly sure where to buy this…….


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