Natural Origins Boxed Wine

Natural Origins Boxed Wine

Natural Origins is a new series of 3-liter box wines made from organically grown grapes.

Natural Origins Malbec and Natural Origins Cabernet Sauvignon are both from South Africa, and are set to hit shelves nationwide this month. Natural Origins Chardonnay and a Rosé are confirmed to ship soon after, in time for summer.

All four are line-priced retailing at $20 per 3-L box (the same amount as four 750-ml. bottles).


Once opened they will remain fresh for 30 days. All four wines are also vegan.

Natural Origins is a new venture from the family behind Domaine Bousquet, a leading Argentinian purveyor of wines made with organic fruit.


“With Natural Origins 3-L boxed wines, we are uniquely positioned to attract new buyers to the organics space,” says Labid Ameri, co-owner, Natural Origins. “The cost-effective, environmentally friendly packaging enables us to deliver these wines at an affordable price.”

Fruit for the Natural Origins range comes from the upper reaches of the Tupungato Valley. Though no vintage is mentioned on the box, fruit for the reds is from the 2019 harvest, while the chardonnay and rosé are fresh off the 2020 harvest.

The colorful packaging features a Tree of Life and the box fits on a retail shelf designed to hold an upright wine bottle.



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