Appleton Estate Unveils 8-Year-Old Rum, New Packaging

Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum has announced new 8 Year Old Reserve, as well as a major branding change.

This release coincides with a brand relaunch, featuring newly designed packaging, including a reimagined bottle and label, which all of the brand’s bottles will incorporate.

Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve has aromas of spicy fruit and oak, followed by hints of honey, vanilla and the brand’s signature orange peel note, the company says. The ABV is 43%.

The relaunch brings a “sleek, contemporary version” of the original bottle shape, the company says, accompanied by a new cork closure. Beneath the closure, the neck label illustrates Appleton Estate located in Jamaica’s Nassau Valley, followed by an embossed “1749” stamp in the glass, marking the date of the estate’s establishment. 

The new label tells the story of each rum blend, plus details on the production process. This process requires that Appleton Estate use Jamaican limestone-filtered water during distillation, and that no flavors are added to the rums.


The centerpiece of this new label is the Appleton Estate Jamaica Insignia. Master Blender Joy Spence’s signature indicates a badge of credibility.

“We’re unveiling a fresh look for both our permanent collection of rums and our limited-edition versions, while maintaining our commitment to exceptional liquid,” says Spence. “With this relaunch, Appleton Estate proudly celebrates our Jamaican heritage in a thoroughly modern way. I’m also excited to introduce this new blend as we enter a new era for our brand. We hope that our new look and feel elevates the high-end cocktail and the sophisticated sipping experience, while continuing to spread the joy of rum, globally.”

The new 8 Year Old expression is available nationwide and online beginning Spring 2020 with a suggested retail price of $28.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


  1. Hi my name is Rolly Savoie. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have purchased And consumed 2. 40oz. Bottles of the new blend. I would like to inform you that I prefer the regular signature blend much better. Will the signature blend still be available?
    A little bit of information on myself. I am 67 years old, and have been drinking Appleton’s rum for about 17 years. I will be honest, I was very Disappointed when I went to your website to see why there was a difference in taste. I thought you just changed the bottle. Anyways just wanted to voice my opinion.
    Rolly Savoie

  2. It doesn’t taste as good as it used to, was something changed? If you purchase the smaller bottles with the original label it tastes much better than the new branding

  3. I just purchased a bottle and will do a side by side taste test with my old Appleton to compare. This is how I chose Appleton over 18 years ago.
    Interesting to note that while practically everything under the sun is given credit for this version, including its “terroir,” the new marketing material singlularly neglects to mention the words “sugar cane.”
    Imagine the word “grape” never being associated with wine.

  4. I prefer the previous reserve blend. This new reserve is not as smooth. We were buying a bottle a month and now I will not be buying anymore if this is going to be a permanent change! Appleton has lost us as a customer.

  5. We have been drinking Appleton for 20 years since our first visit to Jamaica. We are very disappointed with the taste of this new 8 year reserve. It does not compare favourably with the previous reserve blend. We are also very disappointed with the new labelling and bottle. The “OLD” label made one think of the warmth and friendliness of Jamaica and it’s people. Now it just looks like a bottle of vodka, cold and tasteless. Also the new 1.75 l bottle design is too cumbersome as it needs 2 hands to hold while pouring. Please bring back the warmth and taste of the old reserve before we must switch brands.

  6. I too bought Appletons on a regular basis..I agree this new branding is nothing like the original please bring back that amazing rum that all love and represents the Jamaican people. I dont know why it was changed definately awful..the taste ..the new bottle..its a shame

  7. I have no problem with the rum but they bottle redesign is the most ridiculous idea. I worked in the hotel industry for over 17 years and guest would use the Appleton bottles as a gift. Please reconsider this, whom ever in marketing said to do this should be fired.

  8. I have been drinking Appleton’s rum for 55 years. The change in ownership is a sad thing, and obviously begat an attempt to increase profit by reducing the quality of the drink. The new label and bottle are boring, and the quality of the rum (Signature) is awful in aroma and taste compared to what it was. Hugely disappointing!

  9. I am not a huge rum drinker but about 6-7 years ago I randomly chose Appleton for a cookie recipe I was developing and it was perfect. I only make the cookies once a year and was unaware of the new product roll-out. I made the cookies with the new blend and almost everyone had the exact same comments: “They don’t taste the same” and “There’s rum in these?”.

    Whatever Appleton changed, they need to change it back.

  10. I am glad not the only one who has issues with changes. Flavour not the same as before, and I absolutely loathe the bottling change, especially the cork… It is so annoying as won’t stay in the bottle once opened, even when it seems in there tight enough.. Have switched to other brands.. Every once in awhile will rebuy, and then between different taste, and cork issue, not happy…

    I did email Appleton yrs ago. They did reply that made changes to modernize.. Was absolutely no need. New bottle design is boring and flavour profile nowhere near as good as before.. Quite sad, as was regular customer for yrs..


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