Founders Rolls Out Marvelroast Imperial Golden Ale

Founders Brewing Marvelroast

Founders Brewing Co. has announced Marvelroast as the latest addition to the brewery’s Limited Series lineup. 

Marvelroast was originally a fan favorite in the Founders Detroit Taproom. It starts out as an Imperial Golden Ale enhanced with the addition of coffee, vanilla and cocoa nibs in the brewing process. A final dose of milk sugar lends a smooth and sweet finish, the company says, making this beer reminiscent of an iced coffee drink. 

“Having two taprooms full of craft beer connoisseurs is a real blessing for our team. We get a lot of great ideas and feedback and are able to do a lot of experimentation as a result,” says Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki. “When a new beer gets great response in our taprooms, the logical move is to try to find a home for it in our distribution lineup. That’s what happened with Marvelroast. I think the perfect balance of coffee, vanilla and cocoa are going to make this beer a real treat this summer.” 


Marvelroast is 8% ABV and will have a retail price of $10 per 4-pack of 12-oz. bottles. As of July it rolls out across the brewery’s 50-state distribution network. Prices vary by market.

Marvelroast is preceded by 4 Giants IPA in the brewery’s Limited Series lineup. Additional information is coming soon from Founders’ 2020 availability calendar, the company says.




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