The Pure Winery

Continuing the healthier drinking trend, The Pure Winery is a new line of sugarless wine made in Piedmont, Italy.

Each bottle is 10.5% ABV, with zero sugar, zero carbs, and only 81 calories per 5-oz. serving. Using a fermentation process converts the natural sugars into alcohol.

The brand includes four initial flavors:

  • Pure Red Wine was made with barbera and merlot grapes. It has notes of cherries and red fruits, the company says.
  • Pure White Wine includes chardonnay and sauvignon. This wine leads with a lightly floral and fruity bouquet, the company says, before a full-bodied palate that is balanced with acid.
  • Pure Sparkling Rosé was made from pinot noir, pinot and chardonnay. Aromas include citrus, young red fruits and red flowers.
  • Pure Sparkling Wine is a blend of pinot and chardonnay. A floral and fruity aroma is complemented by a velvety, full-bodied taste.

The Pure Winery is imported into the U.S. by Riviera Imports.




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