Founders Brewing Oktoberfest

Founders Brewing Oktoberfest.

Founders Brewing Co. will launch Oktoberfest, a Märzen-style lager brewed using imported German malts and hops.

Oktoberfest presents a copper color with a malty and slightly sweet backbone, the company reports. This beer is similar to a traditional Reinheitsgebot style, brewed in accordance to a 1487 German law that limits the ingredients to water, barley and hops.

Debuting this August, Oktoberfest is the seventh release Founders has brewed to raise awareness for ArtPrize, an open international art competition in the brewery’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


“Brewing traditional German-style beers, especially malt-forward lagers, isn’t something we’re especially accustomed to,” says Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki. “I’ve really begun to enjoy drinking Märzens over the past few years and decided to get serious about a recipe. Oktoberfest is brewed with malt and hops imported from Germany for a rich, malty character that still manages to stay light on the palate. Whether you’re celebrating Art Prize or Oktoberfest, this is the beer to do it with!”

Founders Brewing Oktoberfest is 6% ABV, and will have a retail price of $9.99 per 6-pack. It will be available as of August in 12-oz cans, and on draft in the Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms, and across the brewery’s distribution network, except Utah.


Founders also recently rolled out its Marvelroast Imperial Golden Ale.


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