Jim Beam Relaunches Old Tub Bourbon Whiskey

Old Tub Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Jim Beam today announced the re-release of Old Tub, an unfiltered, 100-proof bonded bourbon inspired by the oldest brand from the Beam family.

This limited-edition throwback will be widely available in late June.

Old Tub is distilled without chill filtration, resulting in a bonded bourbon with a full-bodied authentic flavor, the company says. This whiskey has aroma and tasting notes that include oak, complimented along with grain and a warm caramel.


The limited-edition offering is a nostalgic nod to where it all began for the Beam family over 140 years ago in Bardstown, KY.

“We’re taking bourbon lovers back in time and making a delicious bourbon true to the way my ancestors intended over 140 years ago, when Old Tub was first crafted,” says Fred Noe, seventh generation master distiller. “I’m excited to share this one-of-a-kind liquid with our fans and provide a bit of authenticity and nostalgia as we head towards another 225 years in the bourbon industry.”


Old Tub will be available for a limited time at select retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $22.99 for a 750-ml. bottle. 


  1. hi, i wanted to know the release date of the old tube and if there is any place in Flower Mound to buy it I await your response Thank you

  2. So, just picked up a bottle today, in Virginia. Opened it, and really liked the first smell. My wife says that it smells very fruity – and I agree, more like cherries with a light note of the barrel (wood). The taste (to me) was a front-end hit of rye. That rye sharpness was upfront, followed by a wild cherry push; and finally a buttery taste that quickly fades into chocolate. However, the tastes don’t linger. So I reached for the glass for a recharge. Overall I like this bourbon (even with its fault); and I plan to by several bottles before the market dries up. Old Tub reminds me of a shakespearean tragedy – it builds up fast and intense, only to fall off quickly at the end.

    In my opinion.

    BTW, the price is excellent ($20).


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