Suzie’s Organic Hard Seltzers

Suzie’s Organic Hard Seltzers.

The maker of Suzie’s Organics has entered the nearly $2-billion hard seltzer market. The company has launched Suzie’s Brewery Company and will release its line of Suzie’s Organic Hard Seltzers this month. 

The lineup includes five organic flavors: Citrus Flip, Kiwi Mango, Very Berry, Peachy and Naked. The seltzers are packaged in 12-can multi-packs featuring all flavors, and in 6-packs of each individual flavor. 

At 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar, Suzie’s Hard Seltzers are gluten-free and brewed with organic alcohol fermented from organic cane sugar and organic-sourced natural flavors, the company says. Distribution will start in Oregon with plans to expand into Idaho and WA quickly, and should continue beyond that region as well.


For every 12 cans of Suzie’s Hard Seltzer sold, one new tree will be planted, the company says.

Suzie’s Brewery Company is a brand of Barhyte Specialty Foods Company.



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