Austin Cocktails Sparkling Canned Cocktails

Austin Cocktails Canned Cocktails.

Austin Cocktails has released a new line of sparkling, canned cocktails made with natural ingredients and seltzer water.

With an ABV of 12.5%, each 8.4-oz. can contains two full cocktails. Austin Cocktails enters the canned cocktail category with three ready-to-drink offerings: Cucumber Vodka Sparkling Mojito, Fred’s Ruby Red Sparkling Grapefruit Cocktail and Bergamot Orange Sparkling Margarita.

“Using premium spirits and having a higher, 12.5 % ABV distinguishes us from the 4-6% ABV wine and malt-based seltzer offerings that are typically on the sweeter side and made with artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or preservatives,” says Co-founder Jill Burns. “We aim to deliver bar-quality and bar-proof cocktails. We use natural ingredients to build out the body and balance of the cocktail around the spirit and avoid relying on sugars and syrups to mask imperfections. This approach yields bright, crisp, clean cocktails that are full bodied and full flavored, but naturally low calorie and low carb. It allows the cocktails to work everywhere from five star hotel properties to tailgates.”


All initial production runs for Austin Cocktails cans are pre-sold, and the company is doubling production to meet demand.

Austin Cocktails is available in 14 states. A four-pack of sparkling, canned cocktails retails between $14.99-$16.99.


Austin Cocktails is a certified women-owned business.


  1. Currently I am seeing major holes and out of stocks in Major Chains in California such as Albertsons, Vons & Pavilions on your authorized SKUs. I currently have an RTD in those stores and as I inspect what I expect I am seeing your distribution problems that soon will become distribution voids if not fixed. I know you’re with Southern Glazer and we all know how huge their portfolio is. I keep things from slipping through the cracks. “Any Supplier that leaves the destiny of their Brand in the hands of their Distributor is doomed for failure.” I would like to speak with somebody in Sales to discuss this further.


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