Gorilla Hemp Energy Drink

Gorilla Hemp Energy Drink, with CBD.

Elegance Brands recently entered the U.S. market via their first exclusive distribution deal with KC distributing in Texas for Gorilla Hemp, a nonalcoholic, CBD-based energy drink.

According to the company, this energy drink “combines ingredients that boost physical stamina and mental clarity with the wellness effects of 20mg Hemp CBD, delivering a balanced experience that optimizes performance throughout the day.”

The suggested retail price is $2.99 per can.

A sugar-free variant of Gorilla Hemp is scheduled to launch in November.

Gorilla Hemp is currently available only in Texas, with plans to expand into several new markets by the end of year — including Georgia and Oklahoma. Future releases include non-alcoholic and alcoholic products.



  1. It actually tastes good and I could feel the difference throughout the day.I am looking forward to trying out the sugur free one when it becomes available.

  2. The drink taste great, fruity/lemon-lime with a nice fizzy finish! I have cancer and this has kept me from having any fatigue whatsoever during 20 radiation treatments and 3 immuno-therapy infusions, so I am pretty stoked needless to say as I drink Gorilla daily! I look forward to any other versions you have!

  3. When this product is available in Indiana we would like to be contacted. We would like to help distribute to stores for retail.

  4. Just received my 6 cases and now on my 2 nd one. Tastes refreshing but it has also taking care of my aches and pains. I’m more energetic and can even think more clearly. Definitely recommended. This company is definitely on to something 👍


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