Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 10, Rye Batch No. 4

Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 10 and Rye Batch No. 4.

Kentucky Owl has unveiled two new limited releases: Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 10 and Kentucky Owl Rye Batch No. 4.

For Kentucky Owl Bourbon Batch No. 10 blends older, oaky barrels with with more youthful, fruity and spice-driven selections, the company says. At 120.2-proof, this offering includes flavors of sweet caramel, toffee and vanilla, followed by floral fruity notes before finishing with a kick of spice on the back of the palate, the company reports.

Kentucky Owl Rye Batch No. 4, nicknamed “The Last Rye,” is 112.8-proof. It’s a blend of rye stocks aged 10-to-13 years that together bring a taste of rich oak, roasted almonds, caramel brittle and spiced dark cherry, the company reports. 


“The Last Rye Batch No. 4 is the final release in this series, bottling some of the last stocks of our rye blend in inventory that have continued to mature until the blend is at its peak,” says Master Blender Dixon Dedman. “It truly marks the end of an amazing journey for Kentucky Owl since the first rye release in 2017,”

The suggested retail price for both whiskies is $299.99 per 750-ml. bottle.



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