Rogue Ales & Spirits Releases 2021 Product Calendar

Rogue Ales & Spirits headquarters in Newport, OR. | Photo by Joel Jacqui.

Leading craft brewer Rogue Ales & Spirits has announced its 2021 Product Release Calendar.

This year, Rogue focuses on their core portfolio while adding ten new products and eight new packages.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our 2021 products,” says Dharma Tamm, Rogue president. “We are adding Colossal Claude, a monstrous, flavor-forward Imperial IPA, to our core year-round lineup. Some of our favorite beers are getting a new look, and we’re brewing some really fantastic seasonal products and limited-time offerings. 2021 will also be our first year with a nationwide 12-pack variety pack, which includes Dead Guy, Dreamland Lager, Newport Daze and Batsquatch. This is something our fans have asked about for years and we’re excited to see this variety pack on shelves across the country!”


New beer products Rogue will offer in 2021, along with brewery-provided tasting notes, include:

Colossal Claude Imperial IPA (8.2% ABV) — Their biggest launch in 2021, Colossal Claude is a Northwest Imperial IPA that offers citrus and floral hop aromas on the nose and finishes a touch on the bitter side with soft pine and resinous hoppy notes. Available year-round.


Shakespeare Stout Nitro (5.7% ABV) — The addition of nitro to this oatmeal stout adds a depth of flavor that creates a balance of rolled oats, roasted barley and malt sweetness. The non-nitro version of this is one of Rogue’s original beers. Available year-round.

Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout (13.5% ABV) — The 2021 version of Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout aged for nine months in Rolling Thunder Barrel Works barrels previously used to age Dead Guy Whiskey. Available February.

Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout Finished in Chipotle Whiskey Barrels (13.9% ABV) — A twist on the traditional Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout, the chipotle version is finished in barrels previously used to age the company’s Chipotle Whiskey. Available February.

Raspberry Tartlandia (4.9% ABV) — This gose is brewed with raspberries and sea salt that was harvested from the Yaquina Bay in Rogue’s backyard. Available May–August.

Jam Sesh (5.5% ABV) — This Strawberry Ale is made with Oregon fruit and locally made, up-cycled organic bread. Available September–December.

Cotes du Rogue Sour Blonde with Fruit (ABV TBD)
 — This limited-edition sour blonde made with fruit is part of a foeder-aged sour series. It offers a tart flavor with hints of oak, lemon, vanilla and apricot. Available April.

Cotes du Rogue Sour Kriek (ABV TBD) – This foeder-aged sour beer with cherries is part of a foeder-aged sour series.

Cotes du Rogue Oud Bruin (ABV TBD) – Another addition to the foeder-aged sour series, this foeder-aged sour brown ale is tart.

2021 Santa’s Private Reserve — Each year, Rogue creates a unique Santa’s Private Reserve based on year’s events. Stay tuned for the 2021 recipe. Available Nov–Dec.

Rogue will also update packaging in 2021. Honey Kolsch and Hazelnut Brown Nectar will both receive new can designs in 2021. Shakespeare Stout Nitro, Double Chocolate Stout, Pumpkin Patch Ale and Dead ‘N’ Dead will all be available in a new 16-oz. 4-pack can format.

Rogue’s package designs are all created in house.

“Having an in-house design team for packaging development is a key asset because it gives us flexibility, consistency, shortened lead times and greater output,” says Hagen Moore, VP of marketing & creative. “You’ll see the results this year in the redesign of our Honey Kolsch and Hazelnut Brown Nectar, two long time Rogue favorites. Still fantastic beers but everything needs a fresh coat of paint or some new duds now and then and for these two it was their time. We also brought our limited-time-only offerings into the 16oz format and with that came some new designs, so lots of exciting products and packages coming out this year. Keep an eye out for them and I hope you enjoy.” 

Rogue highlights from 2020 included Rogue Ales & Spirits Morimoto Single Malt Whiskey, Rogue Ales Coast Haste IPA and Pumpkin Patch Ale, Rogue Ales Côtes du Rogue, Rogue Spirits Canned Grapefruit Vodka Soda and 2020 Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout and Stouted Whiskey.



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