Catoctin Creek Distilling Announces $1M Production Upgrade

Leading Virginia craft distiller Catoctin Creek Company will triple its capacity with a $1-million distillery production upgrade.

Delayed due to COVID-19, expansion plans have been underway for over a year, and are set to be finalized in late June.

“As we continue to grow Catoctin Creek as a national brand, we must ensure we have enough whisky inventory to support future demand,” says Scott Harris, co-founder and general manager. “This equipment expansion will guarantee our production capacity keeps up with sales for the next few years, at least.”


Constellation Brands invested in Catoctin Creek in 2017. The Purcellville, VA distillery is known for its rye whiskey releases.

Consistent with Catoctin Creek’s commitment to distilling pot-stilled whiskies, Scott and wife Becky Harris, Catoctin Creek co-founder and chief distiller, invested in a 2000-L copper pot still from Specific Mechanical Systems in British Columbia, which replaces their 12-year-old still, nicknamed “Barney.”


Additional new enhancements include a glycol cooling system, a new 2000L mash tank, six new 2000L fermenters and concrete floors to replace the existing 100-year-old floors.

Originally built in the second year of Prohibition, 1921, the historic Case Building located on Main Street in downtown Purcellville has been home to Catoctin Creek since 2013. The Harris’ originally spent more than $750,000 on the restoration and renovation project, turning the former Buick dealership into Purcellville’s first legal distillery.

Anyone interested in purchasing the existing 400-L electrically powered Kothe pot still, ‘Barney’, 300-gallon electrically powered mash tank or six 300-gallon fermenters can contact Scott at (540) 751-8404.


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