Babe 100 Canned Rosé Wine

Babe 100 Rose Wine
Babe 100 Rosé Wine.

Babe 100 is a canned rosé wine with 100 calories and zero grams of sugar.

Each can of Babe 100, 6.9% ABV, is equal to one full glass of wine.

“Seltzer is one of the fastest-growing categories in alcohol, and over one-third of seltzer drinkers came from wine,” says Babe’s General Manager Chelsea Phillips. “But why should wine drinkers have to choose between the taste they love and a light and refreshing drinking experience? After our successful soft-launch in San Diego last year, we’ve decided to expand Babe 100 Rosé nationally.”


Babe 100 joins the rest of Babe’s canned wine line up of Rosé, Red and Grigio canned wines.

The suggested retail price is $9.99 per 4-pack.



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