Twisted Whipz from Twisted Shotz

Twisted Whipz from Twisted Shotz
Twisted Whipz from Twisted Shotz.

Independent Distillers USA will release its newest line extension, Twisted Whipz — a wine-based shot — this May.

Twisted Whipz launches with three initial flavors: Butterscotch & Vanilla, Raspberry & Vanilla, and Chocolate & Vanilla. These RTD cocktails have an ABV of 14%.

All flavors come in 4-packs. Butterscotch and Raspberry flavors will also be available in 15-packs.


This comes as RTD cocktails continue to trend, following enormous growth in 2020.

As with Twisted Shotz’s core line, Twisted Whipz come in a double-chambered, reusable shot glass, and vibrantly colored, eye-catching packaging. The dual flavors mix together when you tip the shot into your mouth.


Available also in national markets, Twisted Whipz 4-packs retail for a suggested price of $5.99 each, while 15-packs retail for $18.99.


  1. Why can I not purchase these for delivery? I have tried to do this from different locations, as I move south for the winter, and have also tried my residence in Wi. I’ve also tried my sons house in Mn. It just seems strange that I cannot find the flavors I want at any of the local liquor stores, but you have them online. I really like the chocolate ones, yet so hard to find, that if I could just purchase them from you for delivery, I could actually get the types I like best!



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