5 Luxury Liquor Brands Worth Splurging For

luxury liquor brands
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What are the best luxury liquor brands?

The widely held belief is that an extravagant bottle probably reflects an uninspired cocktail. After all, any decent drink worth its value can sell itself no matter how it’s packaged — right?

However, with increased interest in premium offerings, a greater audience for luxury liquor stands out than ever before. Beverage companies are taking a closer look at how a fancy bottle can make their brands appeal to customers.


Here are a few premium liquor brands that will undoubtedly spark your liquor cabinet and make it look a bit extra fancy.

Bell’s Whiskey

Who is not impressed by Bell’s famous and iconic take on whiskey bottles? The style blends the traditional bottle shape with Bell’s brand to make something easily recognizable and delightfully unique.


Liquor brands add the cherry on top for royal weddings and big state occasions, influencing various versions of this style (each one is breathtaking).

The Macallan M Black 2017

Macallan ‘M’ Scotch Whisky

It is a distinctly premium liquor brand like whisky that takes influence from the distillery’s roots that stretches well back into Macallan’s heritage, with a preference for expressions aged in sherry casks.

The Macallan M comes in a spark decanter modeled by Fabien Baron and made by Lalique, who previously collaborated with Macallan on The Macallan in Lalique Series. This is wrapped in a deluxe box with a crystal stopper.

Tequila, Clase Azul Ultra

Collectors snap up the unique Clase Azul product, which is only made in numerical batches of 100 bottles. Clase Azul Ultra tequila is matured for five years in the frequently used sherry wood barrels from Spain, giving it a distinct polished character.

The Ultra flask is a work of art, hand-painted with platinum and featuring a silver agave pendant logo applied with 24-karat gold.

30 Year Don Pancho Rum

This rum is among the most recent in a long queue of rums made, distilled and blended by Don Francisco Fernandez after he left Cuba after nearly 40 years as the master distiller and brewer of Havana Club rum.

This was one of his most recent items in Panama, where he is now located as one of the premium liquor brands. A business legend, he is one of the first people worldwide to be given Maestro Ronero.

Hennessy 250 Collector Blend (PRNewsFoto/Hennessy)

In the 1970s, he was influential in modernizing Cuba’s rum industry. This rum’s manufacturing and bottling were minimal, with just 600 bottles made in total.

Hennessy 250 Collector Blend Cognac

The Hennessy 250 Collector’s Blend, honoring Hennessy’s 250th anniversary, pays tribute to two and a half decades of creativity, worldwide globalization and creative passion. This iconic liquor brand is the product of a thorough mixing and aging process, displaying strength on the palate with a delicate balance and aromatic tones varying from orange zest and freshly grated cinnamon to licorice, crushed peppermint leaf and spices. Each limited-edition bottle comes in a deluxe gift package.

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Feature photo by Victor Hughes on Unsplash.


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