Rebel Hard Tea

Rebel Hard Tea
Rebel Hard Tea.

Twelve5 Beverage Company, founder of Rebel Hard Coffee, has launched Rebel Hard Tea.

Rebel Hard Tea is blended with 100% real black tea and is only 100 calories.

“We saw an untapped need in the hard tea market to bring awesome flavor paired with a real tea experience but is lower in calories and sugar than what is currently on the market,” says Michael Sargent, senior brand manager – Rebel Hard Tea. “Unlike high-sugar hard teas or hard seltzers that only have a hint of tea flavor, Rebel Hard Tea offers a flavor-packed experience that is only 100 calories and a smoother drink than traditional carbonated seltzers.”


Rebel Hard Tea comes in four flavors: Sweet Hard Tea with a splash Lemon, Half & Half Hard Tea with Lemonade, Peach Hard Tea and Raspberry Hard Tea. Each is 5% ABV.

The Sweet Hard Tea and Half & Half Hard Tea are available in 4-packs and in a variety pack. The other two flavors come only in the variety pack.


Rebel Hard Tea launches in select states that include Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana and Kansas.

The brand plans to expand beyond those launch markets this fall in anticipation of the 2022 season. 


  1. I love your Tea’s BUT can you please move where the seam is.. it sits right where the mouth opening is and i have cut my lip several times on it .. frustrating


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