Dewar’s Releases Japanese Smooth Scotch Whisky

Dewar’s Japanese Smooth Scotch whisky
Dewar’s Japanese Smooth Scotch whisky.

The latest cask-finished Scotch release from Dewar’s is Dewar’s Japanese Smooth.

This new expression finishes Dewar’s 8-year-old, double-aged whisky blend in Japanese Mizunara oak.

“Mizunara” translates to “water oak,” a nod to the wood’s porous nature. The finishing results in heather, honey, sandalwood and lychee notes on the nose, with cinnamon spice on the palate.


Dewar’s Japanese Smooth is 80 proof.

The suggested retail price is $24.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Dewar’s Japanese Smooth is the latest release in the cask-aged line.

Dewar’s Japanese Smooth launches in stores nationwide and on ReserveBar on July 1.

This follows the release of Dewar’s Portuguese Smooth earlier this year.


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