Tom’s Town Canned Cocktails

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Kansas City-based Tom’s Town Distilling Co. has launched a line of canned craft cocktails for the first time, in response to the growing demand for a premium cocktail experience in the portability and ease of a can.

The four cocktails include:

  • Elderflower Lime Gin Cocktail (made with Tom’s Town’s Botanical Gin)
  • Grapefruit Clove Gin Cocktail (made with Tom’s Town Botanical Gin)
  • Lemon Gin Collins (made with Tom’s Town Barreled Gin) 
  • Strawberry Mint Vodka Cocktail (made with Tom’s Town Double Grain Vodka) 

These canned cocktails come in four-packs for a suggested retail price of $13.99 per pack. They are available wherever spirits are sold across the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. 


“People love the convenience of a canned cocktail,” says David Epstein, co-founder of Tom’s Town. “You can throw them in your cooler for a backyard party, take them to the pool, the lake or a Chiefs tailgate. Think of them as your portable mixologist in a can.”

Unlike seltzers, these canned cocktails are not spiked water in a can. The Elderflower Lime cocktail is reminiscent of a Gimlet, the Grapefruit Clove of a Long Cocktail, the Lemon Barreled Gin of a Gin Collins and the Strawberry Mint is based on the distillery’s best-selling cocktail, the Gandy Dancer. The cocktails are 5%, 5%, 9% and 8% ABV respectively. 



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