Spritz Society

Spritz Society

As more brands look to connect directly with consumers, Spritz Society, a lifestyle brand, announced today their direct-to-consumer launch that will make their first product offering, a line of sparkling canned Spritz cocktails, available at spritzsociety.com.

The beverage has a base of 100% white wine made from grapes harvested in California, infused with natural fruit flavors and a touch of effervescence.

Produced in Sonoma, the ready-to-drink natural spritzes debut with four flavors: Grapefruit, Lemonade, Blood Orange and Pineapple.

Each 8.4-oz. can has 6% ABV and 120 calories.

One of the founders, marketing executive Ben Soffer, aka @BoyWithNoJob, has shared his love for Spritzes with his community on Instagram for years. Eventually, he coined the term “Spritz SZN,” as he became a connoisseur of sorts, ordering spritzes from different restaurants and bars, rating them, and connecting with his followers over the fan-favorite beverage and the lifestyle it represents.


“I have an intimate relationship with my social community and through our interactions over many years, it became increasingly apparent that there has been a shift within consumers and what they care about when it comes to the beverages they consume,” says Ben Soffer, co-founder and CEO of Spritz Society. “When my followers asked for a high-quality, canned Spritz, I took all of these conversations, opinions, and factors into account. Spritz Society is truly an organic response to customer demand- a brand by the people, for the people.”

Soffer also responded to his community by creating an activation around National Spritz Day in August 2020, where he direct messaged followers asking if they would like to be part of a group that would join the team to collaboratively build, test and iterate the product in key areas including branding, packaging and flavors.

Members of Spritz Society, the brand’s social community, gain access to the Spritz Society lifestyle, including product launches, promotions, merchandise drops, events and more, the company says.


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