Day One CBD Sparkling Water Flavors

Day One CBD Sparkling Water Flavors new management owner buy find cannabis
Day One CBD Sparkling Water.

Day One CBD Sparkling Water returns this fall as it debuts a new line of drinks with a refreshed executive team under new ownership.

Day One Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit round out the brand’s first flavors, available this fall, with additional offerings planned for 2022.

Each 12-oz. can includes 20 mg of CBD, zero calories, 0% sugar and 100% natural fruit juice.

“We are thrilled to bring Day One back. Over the last year, the team and I have been working tirelessly to make this brand available to the masses yet again,” says Chris Clifford, CEO of Day One. “It is rare you get another shot at relaunching an incredible product and we are back stronger than ever with an improved formulation and best-in-class team of beverage veterans. With Day One, our goal is to create an accessible offering from top to bottom, which includes everything from our formula to our messaging, to the price point.”

“The aim is not only to make a delicious and holistically refreshing drink, but also to bring the wellness benefits of CBD to all,” Clifford adds. “We believe CBD beverages can become a new classic category, a part of millions of people’s daily routines, and think that beverage is an accessible product format to do just that.”


Clifford originally launched the brand in August of 2019 but, due to internal issues within the brand’s former parent company, was forced to take the brand offline. In 2021, Clifford purchased Day One from its former owners, resetting and restructuring the brand on his own terms and with new financing.

To support his efforts, he has brought on a variety of industry veterans including Chris Alfieri, COO, and Andy LaRocca, VP of sales and distribution, both previous Red Bull vets (18-plus years). Alfieri and LaRoca will serve on Day One’s executive team, alongside other hires who will support the brand’s expansion nationwide, the company says.

Day One will be supported in the market by marketing spend, including elements featuring print and digital advertising, out of home, in-store POS & Trade Marketing, social media influencer marketing, events and traditional public relations support.

Day One will be available in a variety of retail locations across Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois and California.

Day One has a suggested retail price of $2.99 per 12-oz. can. The brand will also offer 12-packs at $35.99 and 6-pack variety cases at $17.99 through its direct-to-consumer website


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