Nütrl Canned Vodka Seltzer

Nütrl Canned Vodka Seltzer nutrl ab anheuser busch cans rtd ready to drink
Nütrl Canned Vodka Seltzer launches in three flavors.

As the RTD boom continues, Anheuser-Busch has launched Nütrl Canned Vodka Seltzer.

This new beverage has only 100 calories, and is gluten free, with no added sugar.

Nütrl Canned Vodka Seltzer launches with three flavors: Raspberry, Watermelon and Pineapple.

To begin, distribution is in 11 states and select cities, with an increased footprint planned in the future.

Nütrl contains only three ingredients: vodka (corn-based and four-times distilled), seltzer and real fruit juice. Currently, Nütrl distills the vodka in Wisconsin, and will move the distillation process to Anheuser-Busch facilities in Los Angeles, CA, later this year.



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