Original New York Hard Seltzer

Original New York Hard Seltzer
Original New York Hard Seltzer.

Original New York Seltzer (ONYS) has announced the launch of Original New York Hard Seltzer, an alcoholic version of the brand’s original seltzer.

Original New York Seltzer was founded in 1981 by father and son duo Alan and Randy Miller. By the ‘90s, ONYS ceased to exist but was brought back to life in 2015 by a fan.

“As one of the first popular seltzer brands in the United States, we’re excited to invite other seltzer brands to ‘eat our shorts,’ and give drinkers everywhere a classic with a spin and a side of nostalgia,” says Ryan Marsh, president at Original New York Seltzer. “We revolutionized the soft drink industry in the ‘80s and are hoping to do the same with the hard seltzer industry today. Why drink a wannabe? Drink the original.”

Available in four flavors — Black Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, and Raspberry — Original New York Hard Seltzer contains 5.5% ABV and is vegan and gluten-free. It contains real fruit flavor and only 130 calories and 5g of sugar per can.

Original New York Hard Seltzer is brewed by BrewDog USA. Like everything BrewDog brews, Original New York Hard Seltzer is carbon negative, and BrewDog removes twice the amount of CO2 as it takes to make it, the company says.


Original New York Hard Seltzer will be available for purchase in 12-packs online at BrewDog.com/usa, and at select distributors and retailers across the country, starting spring 2022.


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