Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey Brown Water Spirits
Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Brown Water Spirits, the maker of O.H. Ingram River Aged, today announced the release of its fourth expression, Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Since launching with one product in its home base of Nashville in October 2020, Ingram River Aged now has four expressions available in nearly 20 states.

The release of the Straight Bourbon Whiskey comes on the heels of Ingram River Aged’s market expansion into Louisiana and the launch of the Ingram River Aged Flagship Bourbon in August.


“The release of our much-anticipated wheated straight bourbon is the perfect start to what will be a big year for O.H. Ingram,” says Founder Hank Ingram. “Since launching just over a year ago, it’s been fantastic to see how our story has resonated with folks searching for something unique in a crowded whiskey market. It’s a daily joy to see the enthusiasm grow as folks come back to replenish their shelves. As we hunker down in these colder months, I’m sure people will agree the straight bourbon is a needed addition to any bar.”

O.H. Ingram River Aged aged inside a proprietary floating rickhouse, the company explains, moored on the Mississippi River in Ballard County, KY. The rickhouse is at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, where the rushing water ensures this whiskey never sits still in the barrel.


The first expression in the Ingram River Aged Series, Ingram River Aged Straight Whiskey, formally launched in October of 2020, followed by Ingram River Aged Straight Rye in December 2020 and Ingram River Aged Flagship Bourbon in August 2021. Now, Ingram River Aged Straight Bourbon Whiskey joins the lineup.

At 105 proof, the new release has a nose of apples, cherries, oak, floral and honey, the company reports. The palate is citrus, almond, cinnamon spice and oak, before a finish of vanilla, caramelized sugar and hints of leather.

Ingram River Aged is available on shelves in Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana. It is also available for online purchase in 14 states via Seelbach’s.

The suggested retail price is $69.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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