Puncher’s Chance The D12TANCE 12 Year Old Bourbon

Punchers Chance Bourbon
The D12TANCE Straight Tennessee Bourbon.

Wolf Spirit’s Puncher’s Chance Bourbon has announced its first-ever limited-release offering — The D12TANCE Straight Tennessee Bourbon.

Aged for 12 years in California Cabernet Sauvignon barrels, The D12TANCE is now available at spirits retailers at a suggested retail price of $120 per 750-ml. bottle.

Only 70 barrels of The D12TANCE, sourced from the IJW Whiskey Company in Louisville, KY, arrived with a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% malt, 8%rye and a proprietary yeast strain.


The D12TANCE is 96 proof. Aromas include vanilla, dark cherry fruit and toasted oak, the company reports. On the palate is caramel and vanilla, before a fruity finish reminiscent of the French Oak wine barrels in which the liquid rested for two months.

The D12TANCE is the second release from Puncher’s Chance — a new American Whiskey entry from Wolf Spirit, out of Eugene, Oregon, and comes on the heels of the fall 2020 release of the company’s foray into aged dark spirits with the release of Puncher’s Chance Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The brand name of Puncher’s Chance itself is a boxing reference. Naming their latest aged spirit entry The D12TANCE is a double entendre, referring both to the age of the liquid and the 12 official rounds in a formal boxing match.


“As a relative newcomer to the whiskey category, Wolf Spirit knew the liquid for Puncher’s Chance The D12TANCE needed to pack a punch (pun intended) if we wanted to make our mark, which is why we partnered with the talented team at IJW,” says Umberto Luchini, founder of Wolf Spirit.

“With The D12TANCE, we are finishing a 12-year-old Bourbon in wine casks, which is quite unique, as you usually see much younger whiskies receiving this treatment,” he adds. “This was critical to us because we didn’t want the fine Bourbon overpowered by the wine barrel finishing. Our goal was to use the finishing to coax more of the existing characteristics out of the whiskey.”

The D12TANCE comes in the traditional Puncher’s Chance jet-black bottle with a fade at the bottom to reveal the liquid inside. The Puncher’s Chance tiger, a symbol in boxing and MMA fighting, again is on the label, but this time in gold leaf, making it more easily identifiable on the backbar.

With only 2,000 cases produced for the U.S. market, The D12TANCE may be purchased in California, Florida, Kentucky, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico (Southern Glazer’s); New York, Tennessee and Georgia (Empire); Massachusetts and Rhode Island (Atlantic Beverage); Missouri (Major Brands); Connecticut (Murphy); and Wisconsin (Badger/Frank).


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