Clyde’s May Breaks Ground on New Distillery

Conecuh Ridge Distillery clyde's may clydes troy alabama

Conecuh Brands broke ground this week on their new distillery — Conecuh Ridge Distillery — in Troy, AL.

This facility will produce Clyde May’s Alabama Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye.

Attending the ceremony was Roy Danis, president and CEO, Conecuh Brands; Lewis Clyde May II (LC), brand ambassador, Clyde May’s and grandson of the late Clyde May; Alabama Governor Kay Ivey; and Troy Mayor Jason A. Reeves. 

This new distillery has been years in the making. The brand gets its name from an Alabama moonshining folk hero.

“We distribute the Clyde May’s brand in all 50 states and internationally as well. However, this groundbreaking, permanently establishes the brand’s home in Troy, AL,” says Danis. “Clyde May, the man, a WW II war hero, a family man and expert whiskey maker, got his start in this part of the country. Our distillery preserves his legacy for generations to come.”

Plans for the distillery, designed by Luckett & Farley of Louisville, include 76 acres. Initially, a 24-inch column still will go in operation, with room for additional stills. The plan also includes a rickhouse with a 10,000 barrel capacity, gift shop, restaurant and tasting room.

“It’s great to welcome Conecuh Ridge Distillery, the maker of Alabama’s official state spirit, back to Troy, Alabama,” says Governor Ivey. “This project is going to be a great addition to the City of Troy and the Pike County community as a whole, and I’m incredibly excited to see the distillery upon completion.”

The schematic for the distillery includes a road named after Clyde, Clyde May Way. The architecture was inspired by his legacy.  One of the features of the distillery is an immersive experience that will capture the local tradition and Clyde’s “trailblazing ingenuity,” the company says. The distillery grounds will also include a mill, still house, rick houses and bottling factory, with a restaurant, museum, gift shop, apple orchard and amphitheater.

“I am so proud that my grandfather’s legacy will go on,” says LC May. “Clyde May’s is the official spirit of the state of Alabama and the first official state spirit. The fact that Clyde May’s is coming home is exciting for me and my family.”

The distillery is expected to see completion in Spring of 2023. Production begins immediately, with the first spirits produced from this facility projected for release in 2027.


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