Rémy Martin Limited-Edition Lunar New Year XO Bottle

For Lunar New Year, Rémy Martin launches the campaign “Family Spirit.”

This campaign “highlights the bond between tradition and modernity across the generations of families and friends who gather at the table of Lunar New Year celebrations with the timelessness of Rémy Martin XO,” the company explains.

To bring the concept of “Family Spirit” to life, Rémy Martin has partnered with Jessica Wang, fashion influencer; Brandon Jew, Michelin starred chef; and Christina Paik, photographer and stylist, to showcase heritage and who they enjoy celebrating Lunar New Year with.

The creative was imagined by photographer Michelle Watt. In a series of photographs, Wang, Jewand his wife and Paik alongside friends are captured with a nostalgia of the traditional family portrait seen through a modern-day lens, the company explains, with Rémy Martin XO as a fixture in the scenes of celebration.

“Rémy Martin’s commitment to the longevity of traditions is showcased in the portraits of ‘Family Spirit,’ which blends the roots of culture with family, a similar origin story as our own,” says Tina Reejsinghani, VP at Rémy Martin Americas. “Rémy Martin XO has been a fixture on the table where family and friends gather in the spirit of celebration for generations and across cultures, and together look forward to what is to come.”


For the Year of the Tiger, Rémy Martin released a limited-edition XO bottle.

Christina Paik in one of the photographs.

The decanter is adorned with gold foil and packaged in a festive red and gold coffret.

It’s available for purchase in stores nationwide and at online retailers for a $200 suggested retail price.


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